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Sanctuary of 'Montaña' (Cáceres)

  • Sanctuary of our lady of 'Montaña'see scale model


It is located in the highest part of the Cáceres city.
Aerial view of sanctuary

Sanctuary of Our Lady of 'Montaña'

Description and History:

The existing sanctuary was built in the XVIII century on the previous location of the primitive cult of the Virgin of the Mountain.

The interior has a single nave, with two side chapels, a cruise mode. Is small proportions, decorándose with baroque moldings, highlighting on its cover a hemispherical dome on pendentives. All as traces to give 'Juan Sevillano'.

The side chapels were laid out and built between 1753 and 1775 by the master builder 'Sanchez Lobato'. Both were built long after the main construction.

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